Featured panel: Media Leaders in the Age of Experimentation

At a time of accelerating change, strategic risk-taking is crucial to drive success. Established businesses are diversifying into digital, digital businesses are finding toeholds on linear platforms, and new platforms and business models compete for survival. How do key players in content creation and distribution sort through the threats and opportunities to drive growth?
Featured speaker: Jean-Marc Denoual, Co-founder, Molotov TV
Writing in Tech Crunch, Romain Dillet said of Molotov that, “…the start-up represents the future of television.” “Molotov isn’t television, and it isn’t Netflix. It’s like television, but we reinvented it,” Molotov co-founder and CEO Jean-David Blanc explained. In collaboration with French broadcasters, Molotov presents a new way for audiences to find and access live television across all devices, in a form that rivals the OTTs for discoverability. Jean-Marc Denoual is Co-founder and Vice President, Partnerships and Operations.

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