2018 Schedule

*** The following is a description of the announced Prime Time 2018 sessions. The full schedule will be revealed soon.


Netflix Tete-a-Tete

Netflix’s Vice President of Content, Elizabeth Bradley, in conversation with Alias Grace producer and CEO of Halfire Entertainment, Noreen Halpern.


Four Vantage Points on the Future

A look forward from leaders in four key sectors that support and drive content production:  cable, devices, broadcast and independent production.  What are the challenges and opportunities facing each player, how are they pivoting and creating strategies for growth and how will everyone else in the value chain be affected?


New Forms of Content

The form of content has consistently remained the same as it moves between broadcast and OTT, but as global platforms like YouTube and Snap enter the scripted space, the form of content is finally changing to fit the shape of the bucket that holds it.  Now that creators have more flexibility and freedom, what’s new, what’s possible?


Formats:  Multiplying the Power of a Good Idea

Global leaders in formats will discuss how they develop formats for export, how they spot formats ripe for import, and how good ideas can be translated to work for audiences around the world.


Market Intensive:  China

With noted international producer and Chinese marketplace expert Janet Yang (Steven Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun, The Joy Luck Club, Shanghai Calling), we will explore the opportunities and challenges of the Chinese marketplace for film and television, focusing on acquisition, investment and co-production.


Knowledge is Power:   Informed Creators and the New Data

The dominance of traditional data is being challenged by social listening and by direct relationships between creators and their audiences.  Unlike traditional data, the new data is available to all players.  How do producers and their partners access and distill this data, and how can it become a constructive part of development, pitching and production?


Writers Off-Script

With the variety of platforms and formats, and with quality at an all-time high, writers must be more creatively dextrous than ever before.  How is their process affected by the means of distribution, how do they work with available data, and how can we do a better job of developing writing talent and diversifying the staff in the writers’ room?


Trends in the International Marketplace – Frequent Flyers Unpack

Leaders in international film and television sales and co-production, each with a distinct perspective on the marketplace, will share their observations on the international content marketplace, both current state and near-term.


Under-served Audiences – Finding a Market

Content by diverse creators often struggles for financing because of the perception of a limited market.  We’ll engage with this perception by exploring best-in-class examples that either served a specific audience in an exhaustive way, or that targeted and found a mainstream audience.  In the era of “peak TV”, under-served audiences may be much more than a ‘niche’.


Up To Date on Over The Top

OTT players are breathing new life into production and distribution, but the OTT landscape changes significantly and constantly.  Learn about the drivers behind the changes, and what can be expected for future opportunities with these platforms.


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